Home Renovations

Entering into a home renovation is a large and complicated task. Done properly the preparation time and management from design to implementation to occupancy can make it exciting and enjoyable. Our experience with renovations and never before built custom homes has shown us that these contracts require constant refinement and modifications as they take shape.

That said, this is an interactive project that involves constant communication. The cost of the project is determined largely by the homeowner and inevitably it costs what it costs. However, the management of the project is determined by the contractor and an efficiently managed renovation can save thousands of dollars.

Rest assured, by choosing West Coast Dream Homes Ltd. to perform your renovation you are receiving the best in home renovation services. A leader in custom home and renovation services, West Coast Dream Homes Ltd. is a licensed residential builder with an unblemished track record. We are WCB compliant and carry comprehensive commercial general liability insurance.

West Coast Dream Homes Ltd. has developed a well know trade reputation as a high standard builder. Our commitment to deliver a high quality product to each and every customer is apparent in every project. Whether interior design for your “Dream” master bedroom to constructing your new “Dream Home” no detail goes overlooked.